Adobe Camp 2012: something I realized that I left too far behind

Today is a special day for me. Because for the first time I'm joining an national workshop, even it's international workshop! The host is using english, you know! Whereas the international guesses is only two man! Tomas Krcha (Adobe Platform Evangelist) andHarrie van der Lubbe (Quince Asia) are the foreign man and they use english in presentation. Oh yeah i'm forget, Xing Jun Long (CEO Jotter Production) is also using english actualy he's good in bahasa. 
I'm interesting about their gadget, almost all of them are using Apple Macbook. I know that Apple's gadgets is good at graphical, so it is probably the reason they use the fruit brand :) All of them inspired me that i'm no one, skill that I have ain't enough to be an creative digital artist, we have to following the information era, what I have today may be obsolete tomorrow. 
I have to learn more, read more and browsing more. 
Also for what i'm loving thing. For example I like programming website, for that i'm not only good at PHP but I need to understand other related programming language, such as javascript, CSS, flash, and design web 
Alot thing to understand , to be an expert, I believe if we want to get more achievement than anyone else we only need one thing 'WE SHOULD DO MORE THAN OTHER PEOPLE DOES' simple huh?


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