My 'Style' Learn English

i'm a newbie,but i wanna share something about my 'way to learn english ownself'
-first: Play the game
Im a gamer, i love PC games,and all of them is English language! So if i had a problem to understand, i pause the game and open the vocab, proactive to learn vocabulary skill
-Second:Listen to the music
I like M.U.S.E and they've cool song! I search the lyric on internet, listen the Bellamy say,and compare to the text..it increase your listening and reading skill
-Third:Watching Movie
this is my favorite! I love to watch hollywood movie, beside for entertain, it can also a good way to lear grammar.. DONT READ the subtitle, listening Try to understand what they said. With that u'll automaticly know the grammar without learn the rules of grammar hehe.. But.. Often what they said were slang..not a formal english haha

Thx for reading my text,,now can i know what is your 'style' to learn english?

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